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Human Resource Practices &Gender Discrimination in Asian Countries


Ibrar Alam, K. M. Anwarul Islam , Dewan Md. Al-Amin


This paper is related to the gender discrimination and its effects Asian countries. Societal effects are described which are cause of increasing gender discrimination. These societal effects are family, culture, societal norms and regulations. The frequency of gender discrimination is high in Asian countries as compared to European countries. Biggest examples of male dominant societies are Japan and China which are highly prosperous but they don’t hire more women at managerial positions. Different types of gender discrimination are present in those societies. The low percentage of women employment is due to low level of education and low technical skills. As in Asia employment rate of females is very low in order to reduce that different practices are adopted. Human resource strategies and policies are practiced that will help in reducing gender discrimination. Benefits of Human Resource Management are described as it plays a key role in creating competitive advantage and reducing gender discrimination.


Human Recourse Management, Gender discrimination, HRM practices, Education, Employee productivity, Society, Family culture, Organizational practices, Gender pay gap


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Human Resource Practices &Gender Discrimination in Asian Countries. Ibrar Alam, K. M. Anwarul Islam , Dewan Md. Al-Amin. 2015. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 3. Pages 276-282.

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