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Evaluation of PEM Fuel Cell Performance with Single Flow Channel Configuration


R.Girimurugan, R.Niranjan, V.G.Tamilanban, S.P.Muralianand, S.Senthamilsiva


Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell engines can potentially replace the internal combustion engine for transportation because they are clean, quiet, energy efficient, modular, and capable of quick start-up. Water generation on cathode side is affecting performance of the Fuel Cell, the water generation is influenced by design & operating parameters. In this project PEM Fuel Cell with single flow channel is modeled & analyzed for various operating parameters to enhance the performance of the fuel cell. As an illustration, the model is applied to an isothermal, steady-state, three-dimensional PEM fuel cell at different operation voltages to investigate the fuel cells performance parameters such as the polarization curve, Ionic current density distribution in the polymer membrane, hydrogen concentration at the anode side, oxygen concentration at the cathode side, water concentration at anode side & cathode side. All of the model equations are solved using commercial software package COMSOL Multi physics 4.2.


PEMFC, single flow channel, performance, COMSOL.


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Evaluation of PEM Fuel Cell Performance with Single Flow Channel Configuration. R.Girimurugan, R.Niranjan, V.G.Tamilanban, S.P.Muralianand, S.Senthamilsiva. 2015. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 1. Pages 92-96.

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