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Efficient Passengers Flow Inside The Airports


Mohanad Jaafar Talib Al-Jandeel, Riza Atiq Abdullah Bin O.K. Rahmat


Airports in the current time facing a big challenge to manage its facilities with the increasing demand for travel and the future travel demand in this study Kuala Lumpur International Airport have been choose as a study area to assess the level of service in the current time and to find the level of the satisfaction with the passengers. In this study the target population were the people who travel from or to KLIA frequently. A questionnaire distributes to the target population to answer certain questions about level of service, degree of satisfaction and to test their tending to use new technology devices to manage the airports efficiently. The data have been collected analyzed by Microsoft excel and the results have been discussed. In the conclusion the results referred that the people did not like to extend the Kuala Lumpur international airport and they encourage to install new technology devices to improve the service and in the recommendations many best experiences of the international airports have been listed.


walkalators, self-check in, automated drop baggage, video guide screen.


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Efficient Passengers Flow Inside The Airports. Mohanad Jaafar Talib Al-Jandeel, Riza Atiq Abdullah Bin O.K. Rahmat. 2015. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 1. Pages 25-31.

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