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Review Article on Customer Retention - A Challenge in Today's Era


Rohit Lala


Customer service and above that customer retention is a big challenge organization of all types are facing today. Either the organization does not have access to trained manpower or they do not understand if the customers requirement. Many organizations are facing this issue as they are unable to manage this problem; the result is losing of customer(s). Service to customer is 24/7, many firms have mentioned it on their top-to-do list, but fails to practice them. The main causes for loosing customer are:

- They do not understanding actual Customer requirement.
- They are unable to provide timely service.
- They are unable to Communicate properly.
- They can't solve grievances on time.
- Not keeping promises and words.
- Rude behavior of staff members.
- Inferior and Low quality of service / product which was not expected by consumer.
- Hidden cost and information / less transparency.
- In-accessibility or Unavailability of products or services.
- Negative or Unhealthy approach of service provider to customers.

As seen in above factors the taste and preferences of customers change rapidly and problem of retention of customer arises. So I had tried to identify the problems and provided solutions which will help marketers to retain customers and fulfill customers wish.


Customer service,customer retention ,challenge,trained manpower,customers requirement,Service.


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Review Article on Customer Retention - A Challenge in Today's Era. Rohit Lala. 2015. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 1. Pages 19-20.

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