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A Review on Emulgel: As a Novel Drug Delivery System


Shubham Suresh Gulhane


It is a new platform of novel drug delivery System. An emulgel is a pharmaceutical formulation that combines properties of both an emulsion and a gel. It typically consists of a biphasic system where one phase is aqueous (water-based) and the other is lipid (oil-based), stabilized using suitable emulsifiers and gelling agents. Emulgels are designed to provide benefits such as improved drug solubility, controlled release of active ingredients, enhanced bioavailability, and localized therapeutic effects. They are versatile in nature and find application in various fields including dermatology, cosmetology, and pain management. This abstract encapsulates the multifaceted nature and applications of emulgels, highlighting their potential in modern pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
The abstract succinctly introduces the concept of emulgels and their role in topical drug delivery. It outlines the key objectives and findings of the study, providing a brief overview of the methodology and significant results.


Emulgel, Novel drug delivery system, Gelling agent & Emulsion


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A Review on Emulgel: As a Novel Drug Delivery System. Shubham Suresh Gulhane. 2024. IJIRCT, Volume 10, Issue 4. Pages 1-8.

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