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Smart Hand Gestured Controlled Presentation System


Charan Meena, Harshit Soni, Priyanshu soni, Lokesh Lowanshi, Prof. Satish Chadokar


Control Presentation Using hand gestures as input to the system, this article builds a controller. The OpenCV module is primarily used to control gestures in this implementation. MediaPipe is his machine learning framework with hand gesture recognition technology currently available. This system primarily uses a web camera to capture or record photos and videos. This application controls the appearance of your system based on your input. The main purpose of this system is to modify presentation slides. I also had access to a pointer that allowed me to draw on and delete slides. You can use hand gestures to operate basic computer functions such as presentation controls. This means people don't have to learn often boring mechanical skills .These hand gesture systems provide a modern, imaginative and natural method of non-verbal communication .These systems are often used in human-computer interaction .The purpose of this project is to discuss hand gesture recognition and a presentation control system based on hand gesture recognition .The system uses a high resolution camera to recognize user gestures as input .The main goal of hand gesture recognition is to develop a system that can recognize human hand gestures and use this information to control the presentation. Real-time gesture recognition allows certain users to control a computer by performing hand gestures in front of a system camera connected to the computer .This project utilizes OpenCV Python and MediaPipe to create a hand gesture presentation control system. The system can be operated using hand gestures, without the need for a keyboard or mouse.


OpenCV, MediaPipe , Machine Learning, Hand Gesture Recognition, Presentation Controller, Human Computer Interaction (HCI)


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Smart Hand Gestured Controlled Presentation System. Charan Meena, Harshit Soni, Priyanshu soni, Lokesh Lowanshi, Prof. Satish Chadokar. 2024. IJIRCT, Volume 10, Issue 2. Pages 1-6.

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