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Role of Block Chain in Cloud Computing


Archana H. Bendale, Pavan S. Malani


Through virtualization and resource integration, cloud computing has expanded its service scope and offers a better user experience than traditional platforms, along with its business operating model that brings tremendous economic benefits, and "cloud computing is a practice of using a remote network server running in the Internet hosted to store, manage and process data instead of a local server or PC.” Blockchain properties like decentralization, transparency and security have made it a very important and revolutionary technology for the current generation of various industrial applications. One such field is cloud computing, blockchain is a distributed ledger with records containing all the details of transactions performed, distributed among the nodes present in the network. Blockchain technology has evolved in recent years as a game changer for various industry sectors, from Fin Tech and supply chain to healthcare and education, enabling them to meet competitive market demands and end-user demands. Blockchain is the necessary technology behind Bitcoin, a popular digital crypto currency. Blockchain is also used in many crypto currencies. Blockchain technology gained popularity after the massive success of Bitcoin. We tend to research a brief survey of a previous research paper that focused on blockchain- cloud integration to show its supremacy. In this document, we have discussed some of the most important cloud problems and proposed solutions based on blockchain technology integration.


Cloud computing, Blockchain technology, Crypto currency, Service, Bitcoin


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Role of Block Chain in Cloud Computing. Archana H. Bendale, Pavan S. Malani. 2024. IJIRCT, Volume 10, Issue 2. Pages 1-7.

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