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GYM Media


Prof. Nitin Varshney, Desai Shashank, Kathan Desai, Kenil Patel


Gym management is a multifaceted endeavor that demands effective handling of various tasks. In response to this need, we present a gym management system built upon a robust database infrastructure. Our system seamlessly aggregates information from a centralized database, ensuring data integrity and real-time updates. By leveraging this architecture, gym operators can streamline their operations, delivering optimal services to their clientele. Furthermore, we introduce an Android application housing comprehensive gym details and services, empowering users to explore offerings and make informed decisions. Crucially, our system facilitates direct connectivity between customer and administrative interfaces, bolstering efficiency and user experience. In summary, our gym management system is tailored to simplify provider operations and enhance customer satisfaction.


Gym Model, Machine Learning, Virtual trainer, Gym assistant, ML Model


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GYM Media. Prof. Nitin Varshney, Desai Shashank, Kathan Desai, Kenil Patel. 2024. IJIRCT, Volume 10, Issue 2. Pages 1-7.

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