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Online Billing System Using QR Code & Barcode


Dev Patel, Kalp Shah, Amaan Sodagar, Divyam Sheth, Prof Mitali Achaarya


This research paper introduces "Scan Shop," an innovative mobile application developed using Flutter, a versa- tile cross-platform framework. The application transforms the traditional shopping experience by enabling users to effortlessly scan food product barcodes, add items to a virtual cart, and seamlessly complete purchases within the app interface. By merging state-of-the-art barcode scanning technology with an intuitive payment processing system, "Scan Shop" offers users a convenient and streamlined shopping solution. The paper provides an in-depth examination of the app's technical framework, user interface design principles, and the underlying technology stack. Furthermore, it investigates the market feasibility, user data protection measures, and the potential impact of "Scan Shop" on the retail sector. Highlighting its distinctive functionalities and future expansion prospects, this paper positions "Scan Shop" as a noteworthy contributor to the dynamic realm of mobile commerce.


Barcode Scanning, Virtual Cart, Payment Integration, Cross- Platform Framework, User Interface Design, Realttime Database


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Online Billing System Using QR Code & Barcode. Dev Patel, Kalp Shah, Amaan Sodagar, Divyam Sheth, Prof Mitali Achaarya. 2024. IJIRCT, Volume 10, Issue 2. Pages 1-8.

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