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Study of Electrical and Gas Sensing Properties of Cadmium Sulfide Thick Films


Devendra Bhikaji Sonawane


The study of electrical and gas-sensing properties of Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) thick films is crucial for understanding their potential applications in gas sensing technologies. CdS is a wide bandgap semiconductor material that exhibits a unique property called photo-conductivity, which means its electrical conductivity changes in response to light or gas exposure. This property makes CdS a promising candidate for gas sensing applications. In the present research work author investigated the electrical and gas sensing properties of CdS thick films developed by screen printing method. The electrical and gas sensing properties were investigated using static electric and gas sensing system. The resistivity of the films was studied using half bridge method. The resistivity, TCR and activation energy of films were found to be 509575 Ω.m, -0.00233 /°C and 0.1067 eV respectively. A film shows maximum gas response to the NO2 gas at operating temperature 120 oC. The maximum sensitivity was found to be 73.68 %. The films exhibit quick response and recovery time.


Thick films, Cadmium Sulfide, gas sensors, air pollution, photoconductive


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Study of Electrical and Gas Sensing Properties of Cadmium Sulfide Thick Films. Devendra Bhikaji Sonawane. 2024. IJIRCT, Volume 10, Issue 1. Pages 1-8.

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