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Perception about Green Accounting Practices in India


Mr. Shashikant Madhukar Tajane, Dr. Veena Pradip Bhosale


As observing the environmental degradation specifically inside the shape of various types of pollution that is water, air, soil erosion and deforestation etc. For such types of degradation, establishing industries for monetary improvement would additionally one of the cause. The degradation of environment no longer only diminishes monetary productiveness however also disturbs the surroundings, but the want of financial improvement and man or women high quality of health also crucial. Green accounting has won importance in India in recent years, because the states faces numerous environmental challenges, along with air pollution, water scarcity, and weather change. In reaction to those demanding situations, the Indian authorities has carried out numerous policies and projects to sell sustainable improvement and inspire groups to undertake Green accounting practices. One such initiative is the national green Accounting gadget (NGAS), which was launched with the aid of the Indian authorities in 2014. The NGAS ambitions to combine environmental and monetary accounting by using incorporating environmental expenses and blessings into the country wide accounts gadget. The NGAS also consists of a fixed of environmental overall performance indicators to reveal progress closer to sustainable development goals. Further, the Indian government has delivered diverse regulations and rules to sell environmental sustainability, such as the country wide action Plan on weather change and the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.


Green Accounting Practice, Entrepreneur


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Perception about Green Accounting Practices in India. Mr. Shashikant Madhukar Tajane, Dr. Veena Pradip Bhosale. 2024. IJIRCT, Volume 10, Issue 1. Pages 1-5.

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