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Violence and Crime against Women: A Comprehensive Study


Alina Moshahary


Violence and crime against women is a global human rights issue and has emerged as major problems in our society. Violence and crime is bursting especially amongst women and are not confined to specific culture or geographical region. Despite all efforts or empowerments of women it is present almost in every society. In all the societies women are subjected to inhumanity and other social injustice, are tortured, beaten, and killed not only in rural areas but also multiple crimes or violence are inflicted by the both educated and the illiterate male section and their family members. They are always treated as second to men, never receive equal position with that of males, at the same time status of women is jeered at through sexual harassment, eve teasing, bride burning, witch hunting etc. Being a woman, she has to sacrifice her desires and wishes in every sphere of her life. It is said that the mother is a mother of earth who as a mother plays a role of mother, sister and daughter. They are the part and parcel of the society and nation without whom the development of the society is not possible. But still women have the fear of violence as it is an important factor in the lives of most women. Fear of violence and crime is a serious cause of woman’s lack of participation in activities beyond the homes, as well as inside it. Many women are assaulted and are forced to end up their lives without any reason. This article basically deals with the violence and crime against women, how the women are subjected to crime, violence, rape, sexual abuse, torture, dowry death and many more.


Women, Crime, Domestic Violence, Society


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Violence and Crime against Women: A Comprehensive Study. Alina Moshahary. 2019. IJIRCT, Volume 5, Issue 5. Pages 1-4.

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