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Nanotechnology used in Coronary Heart Disease


Punam V. Wankhade, Vinayak A. Katekar, Dr. Swati Deshmukh


Globally, cardiovascular illnesses claim countless lives, many of which can be avoided. The prevalence of cardiovascular disease is rising as a result of a rise in obesity cases, sedentary lifestyles, and diets heavy in sugar, salt, and saturated fat. These contributing variables, in conjunction with increasingly sophisticated diagnostic techniques, have produced figures that unequivocally demonstrate an increasing trend in the prevalence of cardiovascular disease. Oral medications or invasive surgery are presently the only options for treating cardiovascular disorders. Novel therapies for better patient outcomes are desperately needed in this field of medicine. With improved prognoses and fewer side effects, nanotechnology may offer a way to treat diseases more successfully.


Nanomedicine, Cardiovascular disease, Nanotechnology, Medical therapeutics


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Nanotechnology used in Coronary Heart Disease. Punam V. Wankhade, Vinayak A. Katekar, Dr. Swati Deshmukh. 2024. IJIRCT, Volume 10, Issue 1. Pages 1-10.

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