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E - Learning: A 21st Century Approach to Education and Government Initiatives in India


Dr. Manju Khosla


World is changing very fast, and for the survival we have to prepare ourselves and our children. The demand of this changing world is to change the curriculum of traditional education with modern education which is based on electronic gadgets. So that everyone become tech-savvy. A learning which is systematically designed with the help of electronic sources is known as E-learning. With this platform, number of users gets education at the same or at different times, as per their convenience. E-learning is also termed as E- education and this concept is increasing day by day because of number of reasons. Now a day’s people want to get more than one degree and this is only possible when the education is based on electronic system. There are so many short term certification courses are launched by companies to educate their employees or try to inculcate more skills to them with the help of these courses. There are so many platforms used by companies to educate students as well. Distance education is only possible with the help of electronic sources. During COVID 19, this concept becomes more popular. Now, India is witnessing an e-learning boom since the pandemic emerged. Through this paper, author is trying to focus on emerging trends in E-education system, their benefits, drawbacks, impact on the users & government initiatives.


invention, tech-savvy, systematically designed, distance education, e-Learning


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E - Learning: A 21st Century Approach to Education and Government Initiatives in India. Dr. Manju Khosla. 2023. IJIRCT, Volume 9, Issue 4. Pages 1-7.

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