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Freedom of Speech via Internet and Digital Rights: Analysis about Opportunities and Navigating the Challenges


Ashok Kumar Karnani, Prof. G. S. Karkara


One of the biggest democracies in the world is found in India, where the freedom of speech is regarded as a fundamental right. All citizens are entitled to this privilege by the constitution. As the fourth pillar of democracy in social, political, economic, and global concerns, the media is essential. Thus, a free press is necessary for a democracy to prosper and preserve an ethical and open style of government. The swift progress of technology has rendered digital and internet rights indispensable for our community. Digital security, privacy, freedom of expression, and information access are some of these rights. Internet rights, which include unrestricted access, freedom from online censorship, digital literacy, and the ability to engage in online activities without fear of reprisal, broaden them. These fundamental rights are threatened, meanwhile, by issues like false information, content filtering, data breaches, and online eavesdropping. In the digital realm, striking a balance between international agreements, legal frameworks, moral standards, and individual freedoms is crucial. In the current digital era, digital rights and internet speech freedom are crucial concerns. The internet has emerged as the main channel for idea expression, communication, and information sharing. It provides never-before-seen chances for free speech, but it also has drawbacks. The present analysis delves into the potential benefits and obstacles linked to digital rights and internet-based freedom of speech


Internet, Digital Rights, Media, Privacy, Access, Technology, Internet Policy, Digital Literacy Freedom etc.


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Freedom of Speech via Internet and Digital Rights: Analysis about Opportunities and Navigating the Challenges. Ashok Kumar Karnani, Prof. G. S. Karkara. 2023. IJIRCT, Volume 9, Issue 4. Pages 1-7.

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