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Preparation and characterizations of ZrO2 thick films


Upendra Devendra Lad


Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), also known as zirconia, is a versatile material with applications in various fields, including ceramics, sensors, and catalysis. Thick films are generally defined as films with thicknesses in the range of a few micrometers to several hundred micrometers.
It is a versatile material with several optical applications due to its excellent optical properties, such as high refractive index and optical transparency. The present research work is focused on preparation of ZrO2 thick films using standard screen printing method and investigation of electrical and optical properties of prepared ZrO2 thick films. The electrical characterizations was carried out using electrical static system and half bride circuitry. The optical characterizations were carried out using homemade photoresponses system. The resistivity of prepared ZrO2 thick films was found to be 6624735Ω.m. In optical characterization it is recorded that as intensity of light source is rise the photocurrent through ZrO2 thick films is also increased, this results shows ZrO2 thick films could be used optical devices development.


Zirconium dioxide, thick films, electrical static system, photoresponses system, intensity


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Preparation and characterizations of ZrO2 thick films. Upendra Devendra Lad. 2023. IJIRCT, Volume 9, Issue 5. Pages 1-7.

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