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Relationships between India and China: Perception, Issues, and Potential


Dr. Harbir Singh


The India-China relationship is a geopolitical pivot with global significance. This research paper delves into the intricate dynamics between these two Asian giants, examining their historical context, evolving perceptions, key issues, and untapped potential for cooperation. India and China share a complex relationship marked by cooperation and competition, with underlying tensions shaped by historical legacies and territorial disputes. India perceives China as an economic powerhouse and a strategic rival, while China views India as a regional competitor and a nation with internal challenges. Territorial disputes, economic interdependence, and competing geopolitical interests remain pivotal issues. Despite these challenges, opportunities for cooperation exist, notably in the realms of economics, environmental sustainability, and cultural exchange. This research paper aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the India-China relationship, shedding light on its multifaceted nature and its potential to shape the future of Asia and the world.


India-China relationship, perception, territorial disputes, economic cooperation, geopolitical influence.


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Relationships between India and China: Perception, Issues, and Potential. Dr. Harbir Singh. 2020. IJIRCT, Volume 6, Issue 2. Pages 1-7.

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