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Library Movement in Bangladesh: The Development Thought of Bangabandhu


Muhammad Abdussattar, Abdullah Al Faruque, Rounak Afrose


The contribution of books and libraries in our lives is immense. Through books and libraries, we establish our past and history and create hints about future possibilities. An author of a book explains his experience in the book. In the book we share the experiences of the knowledgeable and benefit from the way we live. A library is with a collection of diverse books, a summary of all the experiences, knowledge and discovery of the world. The vast ocean of a library is flooded with all the tools of the various branches of national life. The identity of man is not only about his present moment, but also his past, present and future. Knowing the past, we must find a close connection with the great current that flows from the beginning of the human creation to the present and we will be able to discover ourselves in the true context. We can awaken our world as a connected human being. The past of human civilization can be enlightened through books and libraries. In the present moment, as the future of some of the past's thoughts, at some point in the future, the present thinking will be the subject of the past. This article is an effort to make this effort a wake-up call to the future by determining the line of library development in Bangladesh. The efforts of those who have been constantly touched by the development of the drawn line were from the distant past to the present day, our nation's father, The Great Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The book was an essential tool in his political and family life. The family library at Dhanmondi 32 is a unique resource of life of the family. His 1313-day relentless efforts are described in the sharp-moving article.


Public Library, Library Science, Education System, Library Movement, Library Development.


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Library Movement in Bangladesh: The Development Thought of Bangabandhu. Muhammad Abdussattar, Abdullah Al Faruque, Rounak Afrose. 2023. IJIRCT, Volume 9, Issue 5. Pages 1-16.

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