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Design of wireless transmission of power - A new era of development


Dr. Kaberi Majumdar


Wireless Transmission of Power explores the advancements and potential of wireless power transmission, heralding a new era in technological development. The traditional reliance on wired connections for power transfer has limited mobility and posed challenges in various applications. However, wireless power transmission offers a paradigm shift by enabling efficient energy transfer over significant distances without physical connections. The design aspects of wireless power transmission systems are explored in detail, covering factors such as power efficiency, system scalability, safety, and regulatory compliance. The use of advanced technologies, such as resonant coils, metamaterials, and beamforming, is examined, showcasing their role in optimizing power transfer efficiency and minimizing energy losses. This paper mainly deals with the idea of wireless power transfer (WPT) through inductive coupling. The development of a wireless mobile charger employs MATLAB simulation software and the concept of wireless power transfer (WPT).


Wireless power transfer (WPT), Inductive coupling, MAT- LAB


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Design of wireless transmission of power - A new era of development. Dr. Kaberi Majumdar. 2018. IJIRCT, Volume 4, Issue 4. Pages 1-6.

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