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A Study on Aetiopathogenesis of Pandu Roga in Garbhini


Ankur Saxena, Jolly Saxena, Shiv Om Dixit, Irina S. Chandran, Shweta Yadav


Garbhavasthajanya Pandu occurs due to the foetal demands & improper functioning of the Rasa Dhatu leading to malnourishment of the body. Acharya Charak has also described “Pandutva” as a Rasa Pradoshaja Vikara and it is a Santarpanotha Vikara. According to Acharya Charaka & Kashyapa, 5th month onwards Garbhini becomes emaciated and suffers from Balavarnahani. It is due to lack of nourishment of maternal Dhatus as the Rasa is driven to nourish more and more the flesh and blood of fetus. Rakta has been considered as a key factor for the Jeevana, Prinana, Dharana and Poshana karma of the body. Many a times it is seen that Rakta gets vitiated by Doshas, mainly by Pitta dosha as Rakta is Pittavargiya and disease like Pandu appear. Here the aetiopathogenesis of Pandu in Garbhini Avastha is tried to be studied for which total 30 patients were selected for study. The patients were selected in the clinical study on the basis of clinical symptoms as well as Hb%. The result was assessed on the basis survey of questioner. Pallor, General weakness, fatigue and dyspnoea are cardinal features of Garbhini Pandu. Among them anorexia, palpitation, body ache, pain in upper and lower extremities, lethargy etc were chiefly found in Garbhini Pandu. Common aetiological factors that enhances Pandu roga in Garbhini were based on Dietarary habits (Aaharaja nidana), Living habits (Viharaja), Socio-economic causes along with Psychological factors.


Garbhini Pandu, Anaemia during Pregnancy, Samprapti, Aetiopathogenesis


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A Study on Aetiopathogenesis of Pandu Roga in Garbhini. Ankur Saxena, Jolly Saxena, Shiv Om Dixit, Irina S. Chandran, Shweta Yadav. 2023. IJIRCT, Volume 9, Issue 3. Pages 1-12.

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