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An Analytical Study on The Shadow Lines & In An Antique Land in Current Perspective


Ashok Kumar Yadav


Amitav Ghosh, a Bengali Indian Author is mostly known for his award winning novels The Glass Palace,The Shadow Lines, Sea of Poppies, In An Antique Land, and The Hungry Tide. The Calcutta Chromosome is also one of his less known but still very important novels and award winning works of science fiction. Amitav Ghosh makes the subaltern speak through their silence. I will also explore how the unsolved mysteries indicate towards the science-fictional Utopian dream, the posthuman, and immortality. Ghosh shows a group of subaltern people who manipulate a scientific discovery. By placing science and counter-science together Ghosh challenges the Western scientific knowledge and the biased colonial history. In this research paper author explore and analyse the connections between Ghosh’s select novels The Circle of Reason, The Shadow Lines, and In an Antique Land. Ghosh’s main interest is in the subalterns, and in his novels he tries to excavate and recuperate their historic agency. There are several problems inherent in these attempts, but Ghosh’s novels are all founded on a solid methodology. To understand this methodological foundation better, author have chosen to introduce the theme the Subaltern Studies, which attempts to analyse and deconstruct colonial sources in order to reconstruct a subaltern consciousness.



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An Analytical Study on The Shadow Lines & In An Antique Land in Current Perspective. Ashok Kumar Yadav. 2023. IJIRCT, Volume 9, Issue 3. Pages 1-5.

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