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Digital Banking System in India and its Impact on Indian Economy and Customer Satisfaction


Antima Agarwal


Computerized financial makes the exchange extremely basic and simple. For the development of any country's economy different areas assume a vital part. Banking area becomes the foundation of Indian economy. Any progressions with respect to innovation or different viewpoints straightforwardly sway the development of the economy. With the adjustment of innovation different changes happen in financial area. Presently a greater amount of clients are instructed. They would rather not stand in line for different exercises like: Make installments, Deposit Check, Open ledgers, Deposit Check and some more. With the adjustment of time now advanced banking presented and it demonstrates a star for the financial area. The present time acknowledge this computerized financial idea effectively and in a brief time frame period it become more requested method of exchange on the lookout In the Indian monetary development banking area is the main perspectives.. In this paper we examine the idea of computerized banking. What it means for the human existence. The exploration depends on auxiliary information. The idea of advanced banking in financial industry brings various open doors. Yet, with each advantage some gamble likewise presented. Furthermore this computerized banking likewise accompanies some gamble.


Financial Products, Financial Services, Innovative Financial Technology, Financial Inclusion, Digital Finance


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Digital Banking System in India and its Impact on Indian Economy and Customer Satisfaction. Antima Agarwal. 2023. IJIRCT, Volume 9, Issue 2. Pages 1-5.

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