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Provisions and Challenges of English Language in India


Meenal Meena


It is evident that in India, for the last three decades about, people generally and students specifically are crazy about speaking English. It’s still wonder that the crazy is increasingly high with the event of corporate industry and business within the era of scientific and technological innovations. No doubt, an outsized number of West Germanic Teaching Institutes within the name of Spoken English Institutes are established, mostly private, only to plunder the hard-earned money from the aspiring general public. The universities and Schools also organize seminars and conferences at frequent intervals during this regard but nothing useful, encouraging or substantial has emerged out of the exercises. Moreover, what's generally motivated at these institutes is spoken English only and that they have little or no to try and do with written English. Within the words of R.K. Bansal and J.B. Harrison, “Several books are in the marketplace for people who wish to boost their English pronunciation, correct patterns of accent, Rhythm, and intonation” English language isn't only taught as compulsory subject at schools, colleges and universities but also used as medium of instruction in some government school and other field. Teaching English requires not only the skill, knowledge of subject, methods and techniques but also infrastructural facilities like language laboratory, teaching aids, teaching learning materials and teacher's resources books and audio-visual aid etc. There are many methods emerged within the 21st century for teaching and learning of English. Teaching English language becomes challenging for teachers in class education system in India. The current study focused on problems faced by the teachers in teaching English in government schools


Infrastructural Facilities, Linguistic Imperialism, Competencies, Instructional System


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Provisions and Challenges of English Language in India. Meenal Meena. 2023. IJIRCT, Volume 9, Issue 2. Pages 1-4.

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