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Modern Irrigation System Using Advanced Embedded System Platforms: A Review


Jyoti N. Shrote, Janardan A. Pawar


In the current century, technology is becoming more prevalent in smart farming. The importance of automation in smart farming is crucial. In several fields, automation is becoming more prevalent daily. It uses resources effectively and shortens workdays. Due to the scarcity of global water resources, adopting an optimal irrigation system has become essential. The present review article is give a general overview of automatic irrigation systems to the researchers. This review also provides the kinds of techniques that are now being implemented. In the irrigation system various types of technologies now a days implemented. The technologies like microcontroller, sensors, transducers, GPS, GSM, IoT, wireless sensor networks, Arduino, and other advanced embedded system platforms. Many sensors are utilized to keep track of variables like as humidity, soil moisture, temperature, tank water level, and many others. To monitor different parameters of irrigation system, the IoT based devices were used as well as internet term like websites and Android apps are being developed to support remote irrigation monitoring and control.


smart farming, transducers, irrigation system, microcontrollers


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Modern Irrigation System Using Advanced Embedded System Platforms: A Review. Jyoti N. Shrote, Janardan A. Pawar. 2023. IJIRCT, Volume 9, Issue 2. Pages 1-5.

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