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Poly(2-oxazoline)s: The Versatile Polymer Platform


Dr. S.K. Mishra


Poly(2-oxazoline)s (commonly abbreviated as PAOx, POZ, POx or POXA) represent an extraordinary polymer platform with highly tunable properties and excellent biocompatibility, making them interesting in a broad variety of applications. The ability to vary the solubility and properties of PAOx via the side-chains is a highly interesting feature to be exploited for determining structure property relationships. The polymer hydrophilicity can be tuned from superhydrophilic via thermoresponsive to hydrophobic.
End-functional PAOx can be used as macroinitiators for block copolymer synthesis, or to confer the polymer properties (anti-fouling, thermoresponsive, etc.) to a substrate of interest. The high stability of PAOx against degradation is an important advantage of this polymer class with respect to surface functionalization applications.
Besides surface and nanoparticle functionalization, clickable and amino end-functional PAOx allow further modification and conjugation to a wide range of moieties, e.g., probes or biomolecules, using a variety of highly efficient coupling chemistries. The present article intends to provide an overview of the aforementioned application possibilities of PAOx focusing on examples involving readily available PAOx derivatives.


poly(2-oxazoline)s, polymer platform, biocompatibility, terminal modification, conjugation


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Poly(2-oxazoline)s: The Versatile Polymer Platform. Dr. S.K. Mishra. 2022. IJIRCT, Volume 8, Issue 4. Pages 1-5.

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