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Impact of Skill India Mission on Indian Economy


Dr. Mukesh Singh Chandel


India is counted as one of the developing nation in the world. We are moving from the agriculture sector to the manufacturing industrial sector and also the service sector, transport, and finance. After China, India is the second-largest workforce nation. In other developed nations where skilled total workforce between 60% to 90%, India has only 5% of total workforces between 20-24 years of age are vocational skilled and almost 63% of the population is below 35 years of age. This research paper converse on information about the development of skills in different states of India and what is the objective programs and polices happened. In India, various programs, policies, educational and training centers focus have been set up to effective result in the economy, yet at the same time aspects various challenges and issues that need attention. Therefore, skill developments should focus on these challenges and issues and develop the mission to get the complete success of the Skill India Mission.


Skill Development, Programs, Implementation, Challenges, Skill India Mission.


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Impact of Skill India Mission on Indian Economy. Dr. Mukesh Singh Chandel. 2022. IJIRCT, Volume 8, Issue 1. Pages 12-14.

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