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Problem of Water Pollution in India: Causes and Effects




Water pollution is a big problem in India. Water pollution is a nasty change in the condition of water contaminated with harmful materials. When poisonous materials enter the lakes, panels, rivers, oceans and other water bodies, in water they are dissolve and become suspended or are stored within the bottom. It ends in water pollution, which determines the level of water, influencing the aquatic ecosystem. Pollutants also can brought down and influence underground water deposits. After the pollution, water pollution is the second most important environmental issue. Water Bodies pollution interrupt the ecosystem as a whole. Foul water is not only unsecured to drinking and other consumption objectives, but it is also inappropriate for farming and industrial uses. The results of pollution are harmful to the people’s groups, plants, animals, fish and bird. Using it to drink is the main reason for water borne diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid. This problem has been caused by industrialization and urbanization in India in recent years. The right to reach water is ultimate human rights. The Indian constitution does not create this right an exclusive right. Article 21 of the Indian’s constitution gives that every individual has the authority to life. In this article, it is right to drink clean water. The man’s life cannot run from contaminated water. For a healthy life pure water is the only hope. The basic cause of many diseases is contaminated water. There are several reasons responsible for polluted water. Contaminated water does not come from a one source. Under article 47, duty of the state to increase the nutrition’s level and level of life including improving people’s health. The state’s ach citizen is also duty that they protects and improve the natural environment including rivers, lakes, wildlife, forests and mercy for living beings.


Pollution, Scientific, Agriculture, Disease, Urbanization, Human Right, Contaminated, Forests.


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Problem of Water Pollution in India: Causes and Effects. Veena. 2020. IJIRCT, Volume 6, Issue 5. Pages 9-11.

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