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Business Ethics: Its Impact on Indian Business Growth


Mamta Choudhary


In last two decades, businesses have shown a remarkable growth potential since we entered the modern era of technology. People from different backgrounds claimed their leadership on business principles from time to time. The origin of incentive-based system has disbalanced the business core and has balanced functioning whenever it has been raised off as a big issue within organizations. The research is an attempt at understanding the impact of business ethics, corporate social responsibility (CSR) on Indian business growth. While it is recognized that teaching of this subject is essential, not much is known about the content delivered in the courses, the pedagogy in the classroom, the teaching material used and the adaptation done for different kinds of nature of participants on the course. This study was conducted using experimental/experiential analysis of employees, peoples, managers and surveys using a questionnaire to understand the extent of ethics these people follow while doing their business transactions in their usual course of working. Some of the significant findings were that a large number of corporate houses with special reference in the field of ethics, CSR, CG and profitability. The widespread industries and service sector firms are the main source of study.


Business ethics, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance.


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Business Ethics: Its Impact on Indian Business Growth. Mamta Choudhary. 2018. IJIRCT, Volume 4, Issue 1. Pages 1-4.

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