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Reservations Vis - a – vis Privatisation in View of Globalisation


Dr. M. Sreeramulu


The concept of globalisation and its offshoots liberalization and privatization has emerged as an inevitable bane or boon for the developing and underdeveloped nations especially for the socially and educationally backward classes of people as their economic position is weak when compared with the people of the developed nations. The policies of liberalization, privatization and globalisation are so interwoven that it is impregnable to the constituent elements of the State. This global phenomenon is having direct impact on member nations as well of the United Nations and every nation is bound to follow the dictates of the powerful mighty nations or international organizations or the other members of community.
In view of the above India also began adopting these policies and the process of liberalization and privatization has started with the introduction of NEP- New Economic Policy keeping in mind the national goals enshrined in various provisions of the Constitution especially meant to protect the interest of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other backward classes or sections of the society in the form of reservation for upliftment of their social and economic position.


Reservation , Liberlisation , Privatisation, Globalisation ,New Economic Policy


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Reservations Vis - a – vis Privatisation in View of Globalisation. Dr. M. Sreeramulu. 2017. IJIRCT, Volume 3, Issue 4. Pages 4-10.

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