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Role of Media in Shaping Indian Political Discourse and Public Opinion


Dr Kalpana Bhardwaj


This research paper delves into the multifaceted role of media in shaping India's political discourse and influencing public opinion. Covering a broad spectrum of media influences, from traditional outlets to the digital revolution, the paper explores the historical, present, and future implications of media engagement within the Indian political landscape. The paper critically analyzes media coverage of political events, the impact on public opinion, government influence and regulation, comparative studies with global media systems, and the transformative effects of technological advancements on media's role in political communication. Drawing from a diverse range of scholarly sources and empirical data, this paper provides an insightful exploration of how media, in its various forms, contributes to shaping India's political narrative and public perception.


Media Influence, Political Discourse, Public Opinion, Traditional Media, Digital Revolution, Government Regulation, Comparative Media Analysis, Technological Advancements, Social Media Impact, Ethical Challenges in Media


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Role of Media in Shaping Indian Political Discourse and Public Opinion. Dr Kalpana Bhardwaj. 2015. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 1. Pages 147-153.

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