Mailing / Shipping Policy

Authors of the submitted research paper can order printed physical photocopy of the certificates (referred as "certificate" in this page) of their publication. The following policies are regarding the mailing/shipping of the certificates. This mailing/shipping policy is sub-policy of the website/journal policies.

  • Authors can pay for and order the certificate(s) after their research paper is accepted for publication. The ordered certificates are printed and mailed to the authors after their research paper are published.
  • Individual certificate for each author of the publication are mailed in a single package to the address provided by the author(s).
  • We may deny mailing the certificate(s) depending on the circumstances. The circumstances may mostly depend on the political situation or availability of the delivery service at the authors' provided delivery location. We will give full refund in such cases.
  • Authors may cancel the order of mailing if certificate(s) aren't already printed. Authors can get refund of 50% amount of the print and mailing fee if they cancel the order.
  • Mostly we and/or the mailing/shipping company will communicate the delivery date and/or time. The intended recipient needs to be present to accept the delivery.
  • Custom duties/charges/fees depend on the country of the delivery location. Mailing/shipping company may or may not have already included the charge in the receipt they give us and so we may not have paid it. The recipient may need to pay the customs fees. The author then needs to send a soft-copy of the receipt of the payment of the customs fee to us to get the amount paid by them. IJIRCT is liable to refund the customs fees up to the fees mentioned in the soft-copy of the payment receipt of customs fees or maximum US $ 20 - whichever is lower.
  • If the mailed package of the certificate is lost during transit then authors can ask to us to get refund of the amount of the mailing / shipping fees; or they can ask us to resend the certificates. Certificates will be resent without taking mailing fees again from the authors. If two times packages have been lost then the full mailing / shipping fees will be refunded to the authors; certificates won't be mailed anymore.