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Volume 4 Issue 3
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Skype in the Classroom - An Online Collaboration Awareness Campaign to Develop Speaking Skill


In recent years, 21st century learning has been at the centre of Malaysian education system. Digitalise learning is the way forward for students in Malaysia. However, students have high language learning anxiety especially in speaking in the second language. This small scale case study through an online collaborative project has been adapted to explore students’ perception towards an awareness campaign as a part of an English lesson using Skype in the Classroom. Ten year 6 (12 years old) primary school students around Malaysia were selected. Students were interviewed on their learning experience, interaction and motivation with using Skype in the Classroom. A video recording analysis was used to further support the findings. Results showed that Skype in the Classroom reduced students’ anxiety and further develop their speaking skill.

Key Words

Language anxiety, Skype in the Classroom, Speaking, Education


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