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Experimental Investigation On The Mechanical And Durability Of Concrete With Partial Replacement Of Cement By Glass Powder And Partial Replacement Of Fine Aggregate By Foundry Sand


This paper presents a laboratory investigational study on the influence of the binary blend (glass powder &foundry sand) on its mechanical and durability properties of concrete. The waste glass powder is used as a partial replacement of cement due to its pozzolonic property. The waste foundry sand is used as a partial replacement of sand. The mechanical properties are examined by the tests are compression strength and flexural strength. Water absorption and sorptivity durability aspects are examined. Replacement of cement by waste glass powder from 10%,20%,30%,40%,50% and the replacement of sand by waste foundry sand from 10%,15%,20%,25%,30%.The test were conducted at 3,7 & 28 days of concrete . The optimum mix was selected from the 3, 7 & 28 days of compressive strength , flexural strength and durability properties of different mixers.

Key Words

Concrete, foundry sand, waste glass powder ,strength parameter and durability parameter.


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