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Modeling And Analysis Of Friction Stir Welding On Al Alloy 6061


Aluminum alloy 6061 is widely accepted for the production of light weight structures which has high strength to weight ratio. Compared to fusion welding processes which is commonly used for welding structural aluminum alloys, friction stir welding process is a revolutionary solid state joining process in which the material which is being welded neither melts nor recast. This process utilizes non-consumable tool in order to generate frictional heat between the butting surfaces. The welding parameter such as tool pin profile plays a vital role in deciding the welding quality. In this work, a trail is conducted in order to understand the effect of welding speed as well as tool pin profile upon FSP zone formation in Aluminium alloy 6061. Two types of tool pin profiles are used to analysis the welding joints. Those profiles are 1.Straight cylindrical, 2.Tapered cylindrical. In this work we are also conducting coupled field analysis for cutting tools as well as welding plates. We conducted experimental work upon milling machine. Fixture, cutting tools and plates are prepared. Major parameters taken for this project include Cut feed, spindle RPM. Machine that is used for the experimental work is FN2 semiautomatic machine. For modeling we used Pro/Engineer software and for analysis ANSYS10.

Key Words

Friction stir welding, Pro-E, Aluminium alloy 6061, ANSYS.


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