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Performance & Cavitation Characterization of Mixed Flow Centrifugal Pump Using CFD Simulation


Centrifugal Pumps are the most common appliances used in various industries, agriculture and domestic application& thus its impeller design thus required a very precise understanding of the internal flow at rated and part load operating conditions.For the cost effective design of pump, it is thus very essential to predict its performance in advance before manufacturing them, which requires understanding of flow behavior in different parts of pump & problems arises due to cavitation.In the present work, firstly performance analysis of centrifugal impeller pump is being carried out by performing analysis on its pressure distribution, velocity distribution from which power and efficiency is being calculated and validated. On the later part, analysis is carried out to perform cavitation2 analysis at various mass flow rate and different rated speed of the pump. Also, the threshold value of mass flow rate is being identified from where a cavitation phenomenon is observed at respective speed in order to reduce it.

Key Words

Centrifugal Pump, Cavitation.


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