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Volume 2 Issue 6
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Comparative Analysis Of The Behaviour Of Salt Pan Clay And Formal Clay For Construction Work


Clay is a type of soil which is a natural material composed primarily of fine grain minerals. Saltpan is a shallow container (or) depression in the ground in which salt water evaporates to leave a deposit of salt. Chemically clays are hydrous, aluminium silicates, ordinary containing impurities potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium (or) iron in small amount. The SALT PAN CLAY samples are collected in MARAKANAM in VILLUPURAM district and FORMAL CLAY samples are collected in PERAMBALUR. We are tested SALT PAN CLAY and FORMAL CLAY samples in TRICHY for determine the index and engineering properties of samples. The properties of samples are analysed and compared for the purpose of construction work.

Key Words

Formal clay , salt pan clay, index properties, engineering properties.


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