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Design and Analysis of Engine Fins


Heat transfer is a process variant in most heat generation methods, applying two wheeler heat conduction fins. IC engine fins Assemblies with in a reacting power transmission Mechanisms in this engine Assembly, which requires heat removal to ensure proper operation. The aim of this project investigates alternative cooling methods for an engine fins Assembly. IC engine fins Assembly temperatures by worth of conduction cooling are needed for operating pressure. Enhanced design Stack Assembly designs which utilize fins, straight fins and internal cooling cavities are required to reduce or eliminate cooling. Steady state heat transfer finite element analyses are performed using ANSYS Workbench™ Version 14.5, utilizing 3-D models and heat transfer material properties of current engine fins Assemblies. ANSYS results from modified fins Assembly designs are compared to baseline geometry ANSYS results. Baseline cooling analyses are performed to validate the FEA models. The baseline results show the average temperature at the inner surface of the heat during normal operating conditions is approximately 23°C above the maximum technical limit of 423K. The baseline results are considered acceptable based on the conservative boundary conditions used in the FEA model. Fins Stack Assemblies which utilize fin optimization varies of cross section with internal grooves like half circle, Triangular, Trapezoidal, Square cross section with sliding taper cut-out arrays are also analyzed. Then comparing constant natural materials to take AL 6061, AL 200, CE17, CE17M it’s considering take thermal distribution analysis in transient conditions to solving problems it’s defined. An average temperature reduction of 150°C at the inner surfaces of the fins is achieved using fin arrays with a total additional surface area of 0.16 m 2per Fins Stack Assembly. To consider forced convection to solving heat flux with distribution along the distance with respect to time to be calculating with result and discussed .

Key Words

AL 6061, IC engines, Fins Assembly


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