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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Development Using Service Oriented Architecture


Despite the substantial financial commitment budgeted for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems; organizations continue to express dissatisfaction with the flexibility, reusability and agility of ERP systems. The changes that are taking place in business and technology today are accelerating with increase in competition putting pressure on organizations and management. To enhance business performance, organizations need an effectual planning and control system that synchronize all business procedures across the organization and adopt both technological and business changes. This paper present a theory-grounded SOA-based ERP system development framework. One of the potential strengths of the framework is the ability to deploy ERP systems in form of Software as a Service (SaaS) which can easily be deployed in the cloud to enable the concept of IT as a service that can solve issues such as application integration over heterogeneous platforms, protocols, and devices.

Key Words

ERP system, Service Oriented Architecture, SOA-based ERP system, SOA-based Framework.


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