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Studies on Heavy Metal Accumulation in selected Edible Fish species of Vishakapatnam Entrance Channel


Heavy metals discharged into the marine environment can damage both biodiversity and ecosystem, due to their toxicity and accumulative tendency in the aquatic biota and pose a risk to fish consumers, such as human beings and other wildlife. Major sources of toxic metals arising from human activities are domestic and industrial wastewaters and their associated solid wastes. Metals like, arsenic, chromium, mercury, nickel and lead exhibit toxicity at certain levels. Marine fishes exposed to heavy metals have been consumed as sea foods and, hence are a connecting pathway for the transfer of toxic heavy metals into human beings. This paper makes an attempt to identify the toxicity levels in some of the fish species in the VEC (Visakhapatnam entrance channel) which is one of the most vulnerable systems for pollution of different types. Metal accumulations of nickel, barium, cadmium ,iron,manganese, zinc, chromium,copper,lead in the five species of fish was studied

Key Words

HeavyMetals,Bio accumulation,Aresnic, chromium, copper, Nickel,Lead,Toxicology.


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