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Development of a practical model to find out effectiveness of heat exchanger and its comparison with standard values


Exchange of heat from hot body to cold body or hot fluid to cold fluid will takes place by means of heat exchanging device. The device in which heat is transferred from hot fluid to cold fluid with maximum rate, minimum investment and less running cost is generally known as heat exchanger. The exchange of heat in heat exchanger may be in the form of sensible heat or latent heat or else it may be both latent and sensible heat. Usually the heat transfer in heat exchanger involves convection of fluids on each side and conduction through the wall that separates the two fluids. This paper focused on the development of a practical model with locally available materials to reduce the equipment cost and conducting experiment on it and studying its effectiveness for different flows like parallel flow, counter flow, crossed flow in the developed model, when hot and cold fluids flows through it. In heat exchanger when fluids are flowing hot fluid loses its temperature and cold fluid gain the temperature which is equivalent to fall of temperature by the hot fluid. This exchange heat relates with the length of heat exchanger. Readings recorded based on experiment and results are compared by different methods.

Key Words

LMTD, NTU, Effeteness, Parallel flow and counter flow


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