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Experimental Investigation of Papaya Methyl Ester on Performance, combustion and emission characteristics of DI diesel engine


In this work an attempt has been made to experimentally investigate the engine characteristics of diesel engine fuelled with papaya seed oil. The biodiesel was prepared through transesterification and blended with conventional diesel fuel on volume basis. The BTE of the engine with B50 blend is increased by 3% when compared with diesel fuel. The emission parameters are significantly reduced such as CO, HC, smoke are reduced by 33%, 15%, and 12% respectively when compared to that of conventional diesel fuel, while NOx emission shows marginal increase compared to diesel fuel. The combustion characteristics of the diesel engine such as heat release rate, cylinder pressure are almost similar to that of diesel fuel.

Key Words

Biodiesel, Papaya methyl ester, Diesel engine, Combustion, Emissions.


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