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Decolourization of Textile Effluent Using Adsorbents from Natural Sources


This review discusses adsorption as an effective method for removing dyes from wastewater has been reviewed. It is clear from the literature survey that adsorption can be achieved through different materials such as commercial activated carbon and activated carbon from waste materials. A number of low-cost materials from different sources (orange peels, coconut shell, hysinth, marble powder and fly ash) have been used as adsorbents for dyestuffs in aqueous solutions. The adsorption capacity for each dye-adsorbent system has been determined. The relative costs of dye removal were based on adsorption capacity only.

Key Words

Adsorption, natural sources of adsorbents (orange peels, coconut shell, hysinth, marble powder and fly ash), Dyes, Decolourization.


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