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HANDTALK : Interpreter for the differently abled : A Review


Many people can’t talk due to speech problem like a dumb one or they have never heard the pronunciations of the word/symbol like a deaf one and that’s why those people can’t communicate with others who don’t know the sign language. We have come up with a novel idea of a system that will convert the hand movements (Gestures) into the voice and display the message and allow the deaf and dumb to express them better. A sensor equipped glove needs to be worn on the hand and depending on the various gestures made by individual, the gesture will be interpreted to the corresponding voice and display message by the device. Further, that particular message can be transmitted as a voice or text to the doctor’s phone as well as to the concerned person. For this we are using flex sensors, MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical System) accelerometer, microcontroller, speech IC, speakers, LCD display and GSM Module.

Key Words

Accelerometer, Flex sensors, Gestures, GSM module, Microcontroller


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