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Influence of Nano Magnetic Fluid Coated Conventional Catalytic Converter Over Automotive Emission


As the emission from vehicles has become a hazardous problem of the whole world since it contributes a major role in air pollution. Various technical researches are in process to control the rate of emission from the automotive engines. The methods used to control the emissions are 1. Fuel modification, 2. Engine geometry modification and 3. After treatment. This paper defines about the after treatment of exhaust gases by the modification and experimental test on the nano magnetic fluid coated conventional catalytic converter on single cylinder DI diesel engine. Here the comparison of the catalytic converter coated with nano magnetic fluid (Fe3O4) is shown the quite more efficiency. The main object of using magnetic fluid is to increase the performance of catalytic converters at an economical price. Nano magnetic fluid coating decreases the CO emission up to 1.5% and HC emission was reduced up to 20ppm over conventional catalytic converter.

Key Words

Ferrous oxide, Catalytic converter , Wash-coat, Nano magnetic fluid.


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