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An Experimental Study on Performance Characteristics of Karanja Oil Blends With Diesel in A Direct Injection Variable Compression Ignition Engine


In this paper the effect of addition of karanja biodiesel to normal diesel on the performance characteristics of a Direct Injection Variable Compression Ignition Engine have been experimentally investigated. The experiments were carried out using pure diesel (D100/B0) and three pongamia oil blends which is blended with the different volumetric basics with pure diesel (D95/P5, D90/P10 & D85/P15 as fuels. The performance characteristics shows that brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC), brake thermal efficiency (BTE), indicate thermal efficiency (ITE) and volumetric efficiency (VE) increases with the use of karanja biodiesel.

Key Words

VCR Diesel engine; Biodiesel; karanja oil blends; Engine performance


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