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Effect of Injection Pressure in DI Diesel Engine using Mahua Biodiesel Blend


The present study aims to evaluate the effect of injection pressure on the performance and emissions of a single cylinder, four stroke DI diesel engine, running on biodiesel blend (B25), prepared from Mahua (Madhuca longifolia) vegetable oil. The effect of varying injection pressure was evaluated in terms of brake thermal efficiency, specific fuel consumption and emissions like HC, CO, NOx and smoke. The value of diesel fuel at 220bar pressure taken as a base value and found the effect of injection pressure using mahua methyl ester blend fuel (B25) injected at different pressures (200,220,240 bar). It was found that the increasing the injection pressure enhances the thermal efficiency by about 2 percent and reduces the emissions like HC, CO and smoke. It was also found small increment in NOx emission when increases the injection pressure.

Key Words

DI diesel engine, Fuel injection pressure, Performance, Emissions.


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