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Impact Of Modern Communication Media


ABSTRACT For the first time in the history of communications media, network administrations throughout the world are embracing a set of standard for use on high capacity multimedia communications network (e.g. voice, text, image, data and video). This trend will lead to enhance services to the end user and will result insignificant gains in productivity with a decrease in the cost of doing business. The study is going to find out the Impact of Modern Communication Media. In view of the above statement the Authors decided to choose a survey research method to carryout in order to gather reliable information, by conducting interview from different profession and age group. To ensure a better result, the Authors provide each person from different age group and profession with questionnaires to answer the required questions accordingly. Based on the sampling, the Authors are going to predict a number of people from different profession and age group.

Key Words

Modern, Multimedia, Data, Business, Communication


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