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Slip factor evaluation for centrifugal pump impeller with and without splitter blades, using CFD technique.


Slip factor is defined as the ratio of the actual and ideal values of the whirl velocity components at the exit of impeller [1]. The ideal values can be calculated using analytical approach while the actual values by the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) results which is in the last years get high accurate results compared with experimental or analytical data which we can depend on, to save more of time and money. On the other hand take care of the boundary conditions, turbulence model, mesh type and number maintaining the integrity of the specifications are so urgent. There is no formula for calculating the slip factor of centrifugal pump impeller with adding short blades, so, the comparison should be between the case values with no short blades. The value of slip factor with no short blades using CFD results is 0.66, with good agreement with the standard.

Key Words

centrifugal pump, pump impeller, blades, slip factor, whirl velocity, CFD technique.


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