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Performance Analysis of PEM Fuel Cell with Six Pass Serpentine Flow Field under Various Operating Voltages


Performance of a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell is purely depends upon the design and various operating parameters. The reactants are uniformly distributed throughout the active area of the PEM fuel cell through the flow channels. Serpentine flow field gives better performance to the PEM fuel cell. In this research numerically investigates the effects of PEM fuel with six pass serpentine flow field under different operating voltages (0.35V- 0.95V). The six pass serpentine flow field design is modelled and analyzed using COMSOL 4.2 Multiphysics software. The numerical analysis shows that the PEM fuel cell with an operating voltage of 0.35V gives better performance parameters such as membrane current density, power density, cathode oxygen concentration, and gas diffusion layer’s velocity, pressure distribution.

Key Words

PEMFC, six pass serpentine flow field, membrane current density, power density


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