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A Study of the Effect of Anemia on Normal Birth weight


Anemia during pregnancy (ADP) has been shown to be associated with two-fold risk for preterm delivery and a three-fold risk for low birth- weight The study was carried out in Al Zahraa Hospital for Maternity and Children in Al Najaf Al Ashraf Governorate during November 2013. The Information were obtained from 1284 patients' case sheets attending the obstetric ward having singleton pregnancies. The results show that 44.5% of the patients were anemic, there is statistical significant differences between Hb level and parity on the level P <0.05,and no statistical significant differences between Hb level and birth weight on the level P < 0.05, while there is statistical significant differences on the level P < 0.01 between (parity, age) and abortion.

Key Words

ADP Anemia during pregnancy, LBW low birth- weight, Parity, IDA iron deficiency anemia, Hb hemoglobin concentration.


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